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"You rock! Thank you for teaching me piano. I love it."
Selena - Age 7 - 2014

"I love playing the piano."
Calli -  Age 4 -  2018

"You are the best piano teacher in the whole world."
Mia - Age 5 - 2007


For the first time ever, I feel like I can just play the piano. I feel free to play.
Janet  -  2016

I am amazed every week by your passion and love for the piano. Thank you for your inspiration, it will always be cherished.
Maureen  -  2009

"You are an amazing teacher. No teacher before has even come close to getting rid of the "hesitations" that make my playing have a lack of flow."
Wendy  -  2010

Thanks for being a great instructor. You've taught me the beauty and fun in the piano.
Brian  -  2008

Team Piano

"It has been so much fun to have the opportunity to play piano with other pianists."
Hanna  -  2011

The piano team has been lots of fun and very helpful, especially learning to live with one's mistakes and to keep going since there is no chance to correct the mistakes when playing with others.  
Wendy  -  2010

Thank you so much for the once in a lifetime experience. I have taken away much from this experience.
William  -  2015

Thank you for your patience working with us and thank you very much for inviting me into this piano team.
Michaela  -  2011

"David Cutter is the best piano teacher in the San Gabriel Valley! I love the piano teams. He is very compassionate, caring and motivated to make you successful as a pianist."

-Norman Dupon, Pasadena, California

"We love Mr. David! He has such a warm nature with piano instruction, and a real love for his craft."

-Elizabeth N. Pasadena, CA
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