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Why Pasadena Piano Institute is Your #1 Choice for Piano Lessons in Pasadena

The Pasadena Piano Institute offers a comprehensive piano study that is 2nd to none. By introducing the skills for self expression at the first lesson our student's musicianship blossoms quickly and naturally. They play with a tone and maturity that seems beyond their years. With Team Piano and different kinds of performance opportunities our students develop a beautiful tone, economy of motion and all of the important skills needed to be literate musicians. As an MTAC member, our students are eligible to participate in annual Certificate of Merit piano evaluations.

Our students play like magic and parents can hear the difference.

Quote of the Day:

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.” Modest Mouse

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Six Benefits of Becoming Our Student
piano lessons for kids and adults in pasadena california

1. Steinway Awarded Piano Curriculum 

This piano study cultivates self expression and brain development from the very first lesson. Students are taught appropriate wrist gestures and when to use them. A wide library of repertoire is used to develop students ability to analyze a music score for efficient learning. This is why all of our students are playing music with artistry by the second lesson. The Pasadena Piano Institute is the only local school teaching this way and with this curriculum.

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piano lessons for kids and adults in pasadena california

2. Certificate of Merit

As a member of the Music Teachers Association of California, our students can participate in Certificate of Merit evaluations. Certification of Merit is nationally recognized and college recruiters recognize it's value in selecting successful college applicants. A well thought out curriculum that spans levels 1 through 9. Each level contains a written theory test and ear training exam. The performance evaluation includes technical drills and at least two pieces of music from different musical eras. Music must be performed by heart.

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piano lessons for kids and adults in pasadena california

Performance Opportunities All Year Round

All piano teachers offer the traditional piano recital. This is the hardest kind of performance for a pianist. At the Pasadena Piano Institute we think it's important for beginning students to feel at ease in the performance world. From the easiest, Piano a la Carte to the hardest, the traditional piano recital. We offer the widest array of performance opportunities in the piano teaching world. House Concerts, Schnabel Group Lesson and Team Open House. are just a few examples. Performance isn't the final stage of learning but it is an important one.

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piano lessons for kids and adults in pasadena california

Performance Opportunities

A range of performance opportunities are available for David’s students. Traditional formal recitals, informal adult salons, group lessons and piano ensembles are all available. End of semester recitals and piano ensemble performances feature the semester-long work of these student pianists. In addition, As a member of the Music Teachers Association of California, David’s students can also participate in the highly regarded evaluation program called Certificate of Merit®.

piano lessons for kids and adults in pasadena california

4. Team Piano is Fun

Pasadena Piano Institute offers team camaraderie while integrating all the skills students have been learning in their individual lessons. Imagine a piano orchestra with ten hands on five pianos. Each student has their own piano and their own part. Playing the piano as a member of a team has many benefits including learning to lead other musicians, finding your place when you are lost and playing with a higher level of precision. Another unique part of the curriculum, students get to enjoy the piano as a social experience all while learning valuable music skills.

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piano lessons for kids and adults in pasadena california

5. Artistry Leads to Self-Expression

Artistic skills are part of the curriculum from the very first lesson. We teach all students to move their wrists in a way that develops a beautiful tone and economy of motion. This focus on artistry quickly leads a student to discover self expression. Being able to connect to self expression early in lessons provides a student with the necessary motivation to practice. Artistry is so important that we feel it deserves it's own paragraph

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piano lessons for kids and adults in pasadena california

6. Investment in Education

Piano lessons are one of the Best Educational Investments a parent can make. Many scientific studies have shown that music lessons have a dramatic impact on brain development. Daily practice habits teach students about discipline, effort and getting results. These skills become habits which have a big impact later in life on a student's academic career.

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Specializing in developing good pianistic habits in young children.

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Meet the Director: Mr. David Cutter

It's our mission to create a lifetime of enjoyment for piano students. Piano lessons foster a student's personal, social and academic development. The Pasadena Piano Institute has made substantial investments in our facilities so that we can provide an uplifting environment designed to foster creativity, confidence and joy.

If you've been told you are tone deaf or unmusicial, I'm here to inform you that everyone can improve their musical skills. As a performing pianist and teacher for almost 50 years, I've witnessed many students transform their lives in ways they never imagined possible. We help Pasadena Piano Institute students explore and develop their talents, wherever their curiosity and interests lead them.

David Cutter
Music Director
Pasadena Piano Institute

Quote of the Day:

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.” Modest Mouse

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piano lessons for adults in pasadena ca

Mr. David's Blog

"David Cutter is the best piano teacher in the San Gabriel Valley! I love the piano teams. He is very compassionate, caring and motivated to make you successful as a pianist."

-Norman Dupon, Pasadena, California

"We love Mr. David! He has such a warm nature with piano instruction, and a real love for his craft."

-Elizabeth N. Pasadena, CA
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